About the venue

IJCAR 2024 will take place in Nancy, a university town in the North-East of France with about 50,000 students for about 300,000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area. The conference is organized by Inria, the French research institute for computer science and applied mathematics. Inria has nine research centers in France, including the Inria research center at University of Lorraine which hosts LORIA, the research laboratory for computer science in Nancy, whose other parent organizations are the University of Lorraine and CNRS.

Conference Location

IJCAR 2024 will take place at IDMC (Institut des Sciences du Digital, Management et Cognition), an institute of the University of Lorraine located in the Nancy city center (see Google Maps). It will be organized as an in-person conference. The exact locations of the conference will be indicated using the poster shown here (the full resolution file of the poster can be found here).

Local Equipment

  • Each workshop room is equiped with a beamer.

  • The main conference room for IJCAR 2024 is equiped with several big TV screens (but with no beamer). You will therefore not be able to use a laser pointer. There is a computer connected to the video system of the conference room that features a wired internet connection, Windows OS, and an Office installation. We invite the presenters to use that computer, but laptops can also be used, via provided HDMI and DisplayPort cables.

  • Wifi connection: Eduroam is available throughout the IDMC building. Please check/configure Eduroam in your lab/site before the conference. If you are unable to use Eduroam, we can provide a Wifi guest access, upon request.

Hotels in Nancy

A number of hotel rooms have been pre-reserved for IJCAR 2024 participants, in several hotels located in the city center, close to the conference venue. These rooms can be booked here. Please note that the rooms are only blocked until May 31, after which date the availability or prices of rooms may change.

Traveling to Nancy

Nancy is located roughly 300km east of Paris, 130km west of Strasbourg, and 100km south of Luxembourg. The closest international airports are located in Paris (Charles de Gaulle and Orly) and in Luxembourg.

Nancy is reached in 1.5 hours by high-speed train TGV from Paris (Gare de l’Est). There are also direct train connections to Strasbourg, Luxembourg, and Dijon. Besides the Nancy train station, the TGV Lorraine train station is connected to Nancy by a shuttle service. It has direct TGV service to Charles de Gaulle airport, Strasbourg, Lille, Rennes, and Bordeaux.

Reaching the conference location

IJCAR will take place at IDMC (Google Maps), conveniently located in the city center in walking distance from the train station and from most hotels within the center. For information on public transportation in Nancy, please consult Reseau Stan. Tickets are available at vending machines, kiosks or from the bus driver (single tickets only).

Nancy also has a system of short-term bike rentals called Velostan.